Call for Papers


The conference invites proposals for papers under three calls:

  1. specific panel topics (Defoeconference-CFP-Feb);
  1. the conference keynote theme;
  1. an ‘open’ call on any topic related to the study of Defoe and his contemporaries, broadly defined as stretching from the Restoration period to the mid eighteenth century.

The conference keynote theme is Nature in the Age of Defoe. ‘Nature,’ Raymond Williams observed in 1976, ‘is perhaps the most complex word in the language.’ While over the past decade the question of ‘Nature’ in eighteenth-century studies has been increasingly driven by ecocriticism and animal studies, writers of the late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-centuries were no less alive to the freighted multiplicity of the term. Some suggestions for topics are below, but proposals are also invited which address any aspect of this theme.

Human nature

The nature of the book

Wilderness or wildness

Ecocriticism / posthumanismFrost_Fair_on_the_Thames,_with_Old_London_Bridge_in_the_distance_-_Google_Art_Project

Nature/culture hybrids


Ecologies (human or natural)

Weather and climate


Proposals should be no longer than 250 words and be submitted by Friday, 27th March, 2015.

If you are also applying for a bursary (details here) please include your application with your proposal.

If you are submitting to a specific panel, your proposal should submitted directly to the organiser of that panel.

If you are submitting proposals on either the keynote theme or the ‘open’ call, please submit them to Stephen H. Gregg at




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